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The Location

Our Address:

Beerenweg 1C, 22761 Hamburg

Hamburg, a dynamic port city on the Elbe River, showcases a rich cultural tapestry, awe-inspiring architecture, and a vibrant art scene. The metropolis reflects its maritime heritage and cosmopolitan spirit, featuring architectural marvels like the Elbphilharmonie, a contemporary concert hall resembling an ocean liner.

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Near the center of Hamburg is Altona, a lively district and an ideal starting point for exploring the cultural treasures of the city. The district benefits from an efficient and easily accessible public transportation system. With the S-Bahn lines S1, S3, and S31, which serve as direct connections to popular destinations, visitors can easily reach the main sights and attractions. The distance between Altona and important tourist destinations such as the historic Speicherstadt, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is about three to four S-Bahn stations.

master Altona Hamburg’s serviced apartments immerse you in a district filled with trendy art galleries, cozy cafes, and cultural hotspots. As you stroll through Altona’s streets, you’ll encounter architectural wonders ranging from 19th-century townhouses to contemporary structures.

Whether your visit is for business or a family vacation, Hamburg’s unique blend of tradition and modernity ensures an enriching experience for all.

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What’s near

  1. The Elbe River
  2. Elbphilharmonie
  3. Speicherstadt

Our Address:

Beerenweg 1C, 22761 Hamburg

How to get here

  • By Taxi

    Taxis are readily available at Hamburg Airport. Follow the signs or ask the airport staff to direct you to the taxi stand.

  • By Airport Shuttle or Transfer Service

    Consider booking an airport shuttle or private transfer service in advance. Many companies offer these services, and they can take you directly to the building.

  • Car Rental

    Car rentals are available at the airport.

  • Public Transportation

    1. S-Bahn (Train): Take the S1 S-Bahn train from the airport towards Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main station). The S-Bahn station is located at the airport.
    2. Transfer at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof: At Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, transfer to the S3 or S21 S-Bahn line heading towards Pinneberg or Elbgaustraße.
    3. Altona Station: Get off at Altona Station, which is relatively close to the destination.
    4. From the station, you may choose to walk or take a bus.

    *We recommend checking Google Maps for real-time transit options, as timing and availability can change daily. Remember to consider your specific location when planning your route.

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